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Know about Ray Light: Leading the Top Real Estate Company in Kolkata

Ray Light, the top real estate company in Kolkata, was established in 2024 and serves all of the needs of customers in the real estate market. It is an online forum where brokers/agents, buyers, and sellers may quickly, efficiently, and affordably find out information on real estate properties. At Ray Light, you may create your own property microsite, market a property, look for a property, look through properties, and stay up to date on the newest developments and trends in the real estate industry.

Words from Founder , Mr Toghral Kamal , Proprietor at Ray Light - ‘Real estate is my world and passion which helps me to explore the world of development, construction and real estate investing. Anything related to real estate interests me, it is something that keeps me active all day long, it has brought many new experiences, challenges, endless opportunities in the business world and helps me to connect with great people in the industry to work and grow with everyday.’

Founder CEO - Toghral Kamal at Ray Light

Founded in 18 November, 2023 We at Ray Light, help & assist proud home owners and sellers connect with first time home buyers, luxury house investors & leisure buyers by finding the right property at the right price possible!

  • Founder & Proprietor of Ray Light - Real Estate Agency since 18 November, 2023
  • Former Proprietor & Founder of Real Estate Development Company, Prime Builders- Promoter, Planner & Architectural Designer since 1996
  • A Visionary, Legend, Successful Businessman in the Making, Pioneer in the field of Real Estate Investing and Real Estate Development
  • He has more than 30+ years of professional business experience in the field of Real Estate Investing, Real Estate Development & Construction Industry, in Kolkata.
  • He’s developed and built more than 50 Development Real Estate Projects and Properties in Kolkata specialising in both residential & commercial real estate.
  • Inspired by Australian Real Estate Market, Queensland, Brisbane.
  • ⁠Invested in Australian Residential Real Estate in Brisbane, Queensland, and worked along side with popular Australian Real Estate Firm, Ray White, in the year 2021, by taking assistance from Ray White, in selling his own residential property in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
Top Real Estate Company in Kolkata - Buy, Sell and Rent Properties in Kolkata

Mr Toghral Kamal

Proprietor & Founder

Find The Property Of Your Dreams With Top Real Estate Company In Kolkata

Looking for a cozy new home in Kolkata? Look no further than Raylight Agency,Kolkata's premier real estate company! Explore our affordable yet top-quality apartments meticulously crafted for modern living. Renowned as the top real estate company in Kolkata, our team excels in creating homes that exceed expectations. At Raylight Agency, we prioritize building strong bonds with our clients, ensuring you find the best deals and get the most value for your investment. Discover your dream home among our finest projects. Experience unparalleled satisfaction with Raylight Agency!

Services we offer

We offer a full spectrum of real estate services tailored to your needs.

Residential Property Sales

Your perfect home is just a step away with our Residential Property Sales service.

Commercial Property Sales

Unlock your business potential with our expert Commercial Property Sales service.

Real Estate Sales & Marketing

Efficient Real Estate Sales & Marketing Solutions Tailored for You.


Connecting buyers and sellers seamlessly with our trusted brokerage services.

Property Management

Effortless property care with our expert Property Management services.

Real Estate Investing

Unlocking opportunities and success through Real Estate Investing.

Real Estate Consulting

Guiding you through property decisions with expert Real Estate Consulting.

Real Estate Professional Services

Guiding you home with expert Real Estate Professional Services.

Online Property Listing Services

Find your dream property effortlessly with our Online Property Listing Services.

Buying & Selling Real Estate

Connecting homes with hearts through seamless buying and selling experiences.

We provide the most quality real estate.

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