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Ray Light Business Opportunities

Founded in 18 November, 2023 We at Ray Light, help & assist proud home owners and sellers connect with first time home buyers, luxury house investors & leisure buyers by finding the right property at the right price possible!

Our vision

Provide the best environment for our people to build outstanding careers and businesses by:

  • Creating a family friendly experience where all our members feel confident and have strong sense of belonging and trust.
  • Striving to create competition by keeping our members at the forefront of skills and service delivered at the right time.
  • Harnessing the network effects of being the largest group, we aim to provide our members with unique advantages and opportunities for success and overall growth.
  • Empowering leadership and enabling our business professionals to build and become a family they can truly be proud of.


Explore Career Opportunities in the world of Real Estate

Discover the benefits and support we provide to our sales agents. Explore how Ray Light can add value to your journey.

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28/2C, Hare Krishna Konar Road Kolkata -700014

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